Richard Feynman on Gravity

Watch This: Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Most Astounding Fact

Dog-Matic & The Beagle Portrait Prints

Hot and fresh, for sale now on Etsy ($22): Super-awesome-quality, archival art prints featuring the first ever full-color portrait paintings of your favorite pups. Check ‘em out.

Pray for Beagle

He’s lost.

Bertrand Russell’s Message to the Future

Penn Jillette: An Atheist’s Guide to the 2012 Election

Merry Xmas from Dog-matic & The Beagle (and Tim Minchin)

From the Sketchbook

Here’s a little something from the sketchbook, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing. This one is a whole-page strip, drawn late one night while in bed – straight though in one “take” (that never happens).

Christopher Hitchens 1949 – 2011

The Poetry of Science: Richard Dawkins and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Wonderful discussion between two great minds. Neil deGrasse Tyson has this to say toward the end: “The greatest poetry reveals to the reader the beauty in something so simple you take it for granted.” Looking forward to seeing the relaunch of Sagan’s Cosmos Series with Neil at the helm and Seth MacFarlane (of Family Guy) producing.

The Feynman Series Part 1: Beauty

If you want to know more about what we call aweism, watch this video. Beauty and science become one and the same. Feynman probably says it best here, and thanks to Reid Gower for creating this series. This video and Richard Dawkin’s book Unweaving The Rainbow are closely tied to the origins of Rainbows, our latest Dog-matic & The Beagle comic strip.

Adam Koford’s 7 Deadly Sins of Star Wars

Adam Koford (he runs the fantastic Hobotopia) created this illustration of the Seven Deadly Sins of Star Wars. Jason Kottke has a great follow up. If you haven’t already, go buy Koford’s book: The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sellout. It is one of the best things ever.

Working Together

I was writing this as a comment in reply to Geoffrey’s initial post “Chapter One” on this very web log, but I’ve since decided to make it a post of it’s own. I guess this is sort of a personal letter to Geoffrey:

Dear Geoffrey,

You said “…[David] could have easily taken [this comic] and run with it on his own…”

Yes, I suppose I could have. But it’s important to realize that I wouldn’t have. I guess you could unravel just about anything, if you start tracing your steps back to the chance encounters in your life. Another endless regress.

While we’re going down this road, I have to give a huge “thank you” to Kyle Bishop, designer/illustrator. I hired him for a two-night, on-site, mad rush freelance illustration job about a year ago. He brought his Wacom digital tablet. Watching his fluid style and natural drawing ability inspired me to give that tool another try. I was addicted within days. My designer/illustrator buddy Chris Crandall was the first guy to give me a comic (Chris Ware) that blew my mind as an adult. And my wife got me back into art/design when I was about to become a park ranger, 15 years ago. And my mom gave birth to me. And so it goes, onward forever.

But I don’t have to dig too deep to know that this particular project would not have come to be without creative energy and shared inspiration from both of us. I have long had a passive interest in comics and drawing them. I might have stumbled into drawing my own at some point – probably dogs and certainly robots – but not this. Not exactly this.

Besides questions of genesis, let’s look at quality of content. You’ve shared with me a number of important influences: Kaz, Herriman, Dawkins, Bukowski, Etc. The list goes on. Critical, pivotal, important influences. I spend hours at night reading, drawing, studying, learning from these people and their work, none of whom would I know without your introduction. I hope I’ve given back even a fraction of what I’ve gained. And none of this even addresses the quality content that you produce directly, in particular, writing the episodes that you do. Great stuff.

Let the public record show that Geoffrey Smith is no small part of whatever may come of this: wild success and fortune, public outrage and disdain or total and utter obscurity. Thanks for listening, carry on.

Chris Ware + Andrew Bird = Fantastic

The Sagan Series Part 1

Here is Part 1 of The Sagan Series, a video tribute to one of our heroes, created by Reid Gower. We’ll be posting more here on the blog, but feel free to jump ahead to the Sagan Series website.

Those Industrious Dogs!

The boys wanted me to let you all know that they have been busy in the garage. They are working on some fantastic, hand-printed, silk-screened shirts. Looks to me like they are doing some good work in there. I imagine they will be available from their online store one of these days, but —as always—those elusive pups declined to make any promises about their expected delivery date. I guess we’ll just have to keep in touch.

I did manage to sneak a few pics, while they were busy arguing over squeegee technique…

silk screened shirts

Colesmith Co. Chapter One

Dave at Sun Liquor

Early Dog-matic & The Beagle meeting at Sun Liquor

I had considered a very long blog post about just how this website and comic strip came about, because ultimately it’s one of the most engaging projects I have ever been a part of. But for now, let’s just say that the origin story of Dog-matic & The Beagle—as well as Colesmith Co. itself—is one of heavy gin drinking, furious cackling, late-night script-writing, and a sense of creation that I have never really known before (and I’m not even drawing the comics!). When Dave first started drawing robot dogs I had no idea that we would soon form a publishing company that would encompass all the stuff that I truly love: art, science, comics, skepticism, design, writing, and of course: lively banter.

I must offer a giant thank you to my good pal Dave for agreeing to collaborate on something that he could have easily taken and run with on his own. But, by forming this partnership, I really think we are at the beginning of something truly wonderful.

So, welcome to the first chapter of Colesmith Co.! Chapter One is a comic strip about two talking dogs. We think you are going to like it quite a bit. Hello world.