Colesmith Co. Chapter One

Dave at Sun Liquor

Early Dog-matic & The Beagle meeting at Sun Liquor

I had considered a very long blog post about just how this website and comic strip came about, because ultimately it’s one of the most engaging projects I have ever been a part of. But for now, let’s just say that the origin story of Dog-matic & The Beagle—as well as Colesmith Co. itself—is one of heavy gin drinking, furious cackling, late-night script-writing, and a sense of creation that I have never really known before (and I’m not even drawing the comics!). When Dave first started drawing robot dogs I had no idea that we would soon form a publishing company that would encompass all the stuff that I truly love: art, science, comics, skepticism, design, writing, and of course: lively banter.

I must offer a giant thank you to my good pal Dave for agreeing to collaborate on something that he could have easily taken and run with on his own. But, by forming this partnership, I really think we are at the beginning of something truly wonderful.

So, welcome to the first chapter of Colesmith Co.! Chapter One is a comic strip about two talking dogs. We think you are going to like it quite a bit. Hello world.



  1. Gina Bobina says:

    Super fantastic stuff guys!

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