Working Together

I was writing this as a comment in reply to Geoffrey’s initial post “Chapter One” on this very web log, but I’ve since decided to make it a post of it’s own. I guess this is sort of a personal letter to Geoffrey:

Dear Geoffrey,

You said “…[David] could have easily taken [this comic] and run with it on his own…”

Yes, I suppose I could have. But it’s important to realize that I wouldn’t have. I guess you could unravel just about anything, if you start tracing your steps back to the chance encounters in your life. Another endless regress.

While we’re going down this road, I have to give a huge “thank you” to Kyle Bishop, designer/illustrator. I hired him for a two-night, on-site, mad rush freelance illustration job about a year ago. He brought his Wacom digital tablet. Watching his fluid style and natural drawing ability inspired me to give that tool another try. I was addicted within days. My designer/illustrator buddy Chris Crandall was the first guy to give me a comic (Chris Ware) that blew my mind as an adult. And my wife got me back into art/design when I was about to become a park ranger, 15 years ago. And my mom gave birth to me. And so it goes, onward forever.

But I don’t have to dig too deep to know that this particular project would not have come to be without creative energy and shared inspiration from both of us. I have long had a passive interest in comics and drawing them. I might have stumbled into drawing my own at some point – probably dogs and certainly robots – but not this. Not exactly this.

Besides questions of genesis, let’s look at quality of content. You’ve shared with me a number of important influences: Kaz, Herriman, Dawkins, Bukowski, Etc. The list goes on. Critical, pivotal, important influences. I spend hours at night reading, drawing, studying, learning from these people and their work, none of whom would I know without your introduction. I hope I’ve given back even a fraction of what I’ve gained. And none of this even addresses the quality content that you produce directly, in particular, writing the episodes that you do. Great stuff.

Let the public record show that Geoffrey Smith is no small part of whatever may come of this: wild success and fortune, public outrage and disdain or total and utter obscurity. Thanks for listening, carry on.


  1. Geoffrey says:

    Thanks, Dave. Let’s be friends.

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